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The story behind the “Shut up”-burger

The perception of road food being fast and semi-manufactured, rather than fast yet a culinary experience, is about to change. Circle K has been widening their food offer and the latest name on the menu is HKB, Håll käften-burgaren, or in translation: The Shut up-burger. It’s developed in collaboration with the Swedish rapper Petter and his two colleagues Oskar Jakobsson and Dimman Anastasopoulos. Together they run the restaurant KÄK.


To make Circle K’s customers aware of the delicious newcomer, we made a film starring the burger and the trio behind it. The film is a mixture of food-craving and storytelling, showing the tasty ingredients, the faces and interactions between the creators and the burger itself, ready to eat.


On the release day. Petter, Oscar and Dimman behind the casher at Cirkle K. Besides the film that runs in the menuboards, we also made a cut for social media.

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